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June 12, 2017

Amber Rose, Eva Marcielle & Drew Sidora Talk About Their New Film Sistercode!

June 12, 2017

Are You Truly Hungry for Success?

June 12, 2017
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Are You Truly Hungry for Success?

A lot of people say they want to bee great, but never want to put the time in being great. They say they want to take the next step in their career but procrastinate daily just over making a simple business card. Are you truly hungry for success or want it to bee just given to you?

Often times I run into people who are sayers instead of doers. They say they want to a bee host, bee on television, bee an actor, singer, and dancer but don’t want to put in those long hours. They either want to sleep their way to the top, use someone who has the money or simply just bee a pretty face. No! Longevity of success does not work that way. You may get temporary but not longevity.

My story: I am honestly such a hard worker. I put in long hours to simply do something myself. If I can’t afford a web designer, business consultant or manager I put in those long hours to do the best I can to make those things happen. Of course, I’m not good at everything, but I’ll put in those eight hours to do whatever to help my brand because I am that dedicated to Bianca Bee.

So if you are truly hungry and love what you do you wouldn’t care about money because you know your hard work will pay off. You don’t need approval that you did a good job. You don’t need people to share your work because you know you are that hungry and you put your all into it.

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