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December 11, 2015

Quit Trying to Impress People Who Aren’t Important

December 11, 2015

20 & Should There Bee A Limit On How Much You Post?

December 11, 2015
Photo by Mikey Rodriguez
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20 & Should There Bee A Limit On How Much You Post?

“Quality over quantity?” So there is always a debate on how much you should post on social media? According to my girl Kim K (because I adore the Kardashians) she says three is her limit at one event. What are your thoughts?

 I personally used to post everything because I was an entertainment blogger, so I would always have to post consistently. As I’ve transformed over into lifestyle blogging I don’t post as much as I used to. However, I still post a lot. The reason why I post a lot is because I find a lot of things exciting, I meet a lot of people and I just love social media. People have unfollowed me for it, but I’ve also gained a lot of followers. But I honestly don’t care because those people don’t pay my cell phone bill.

 However, I do believe visuals are everything, especially if you are a photographer or model. Now that I’ve been studying marketing for the past few months I do take more pride in my upload of photos. Lol! But l love apps like SnapChat because people talk for days and I love it. I know I talk a lot because I’m a talk show host. I like talking.

My advice is to just do you. Market what fits you best.

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