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September 21, 2017


September 21, 2017


September 21, 2017
Skincare Tips

Hi, Busy Bees,

If you missed my last #Vlog, go watch it now! I got an amazing facial with skincare guru Adina Diaz. She also gave me some products to try out. It’s been two weeks and I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin. Check out my latest video where I showcase and review how great the products are below:


Also, skincare guru Adina shares some amazing facial tips, check out our interview below:

How often should you exfoliate?
Depending on the skin type 2-3 times a week is the best routine to keep the skin fresh and allow products to penetrate deeper.

How often should you do face masks?
I recommend clients to mask at least once a week but if they are going to start their cycle you can do twice. Remember if you’re doing a clay mask the second its dry take it off! Don’t over dry your skin!

How often should you cleanse?
100% every single night you have to clean your skin before bed. You absolutely need to take off dirt, smog, makeup, pollution, and oils. If the skin is dirty when sleeping your not allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate.

How often should you use toners?
I love toners at night to act as a “Swiffer” picking up whatever your cleanser didn’t. Also balancing the Ph level and hydrating the skin before bedtime is vital.

Best makeup removal wipes. Best makeup brush cleaner and how often should you clean them?
I personally love Pacifica Makeup Wipes. They are super gentle, easy to use and non-toxic. Also, Plain Jane Beauty has an awesome Micellar Water. To clean my makeup brushes I use Dr. Bronners lavender Soap. Antibacterial and smells delicious!

What are some affordable drugstore skin care products?
Drugstore products I approve of and buy are: Tom’s Toothpaste, Dr. Bronners Soap, Pacifica Makeup Wipes and Makeup.

Best anti-aging cream and at what age should you start using them?
My go-to Anti-Aging serums are Skin Boost Peptide Elixir ( Normal, Oily and Fine Lines, collagen stimulating ) for the day and for night Firm And Refine Night Gel (Fine Lines, Dry, Sun Damage, Glycolic and Lactic Acid) both from Lotus Moon Skincare. Everyone should start in their early 20’s for prevented. It about stopping or controlling it before it gets out of hand.

How to get rid of dark spots on melanin skin?
Safe products/ ingredients to use on darker skin tones is Azelaic Acid and Kojic Acid. I highly recommend Natural Skin Brightening Complex from Lotus Moon Skincare.

Best Sunscreens for darker skin?
Lotus Moon Skincare SOL Creme SPF 17 is everything! Perfect for all skin tones and types. It’s my go-to for SPF. It is a physical blocker but doesn’t leave you ghostly.

What are common mistakes people make when it comes to their skin?
Over cleansing and the over usage of stripping ingredients when they have a breakout/breakouts. The skin becomes so inflamed it usually gets worse than better. If they just calmed the skin down with something like an Organic Honey Mask ( Lotus Moon Skincare) it would make a world of a difference, heal and treat the skin versus strip and dehydrated.

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